How To Watch Best Netflix Movies 2018 This Year [An Actionable For 2019]

How to watch best Netflix movies 2018? A complete guide

We are living in a digital age and everything we had previously is not shifting over the internet.

Whether it be our social groups, businesses, or favorite TV shows and movies, all of them are available on the internet.

People look forward to spend their spare time watching TV shows and movies online. So, there are some popular databases and streaming sites from where you can watch it all.

You might look up to watching best Netflix movies 2018 and that can only happen if you have a Netflix account.

best movies on netflix 2018

Chance to Win = 1 Year of Netflix

An overview of Netflix

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services over the internet. It has a huge collection of movies, TV shows, and documentaries that you can watch on any device with a browser and an internet connection.

The streaming service is available across the globe with a huge Netflix movies list that you can watch. If you are yet to try the service, maybe now is the best time to do it.

The company offers you one-month free trial where you can explore the content and see if it is appropriate for you or not.

Moreover, you can watch the seasons and films over the website, including new movies on Netflix and all of its content available in your trial month.

If you are interested, there is a list of best Netflix movies, widely available for the year 2017 and 2018, that you can consider watching in your trial period.

It is there to help you evaluate the services of the streaming network and you will be able to figure out whether it is worth the subscription or not.

How much does a movie cost on Netflix?

Generally, a cinema ticket costs you about $8 $10 or more. And if you have a cable network, the subscription will be somewhere between $50 and $100 or, for some service providers, even more.

But with Netflix, there are three different packages for you to choose from.

First is a $7.99 package which will charge you the given fee for one month. The individuals will be able to watch a single screen at a time. And the best? You can watch content on it 24 hours a day 7 days a week non-stop without any limitations or interruption.

On the other side, there is a $9.99 package that allows you to run 2 screens at a time. It provides you HD movies and you have a chance to share it with a partner.

Get a friend on the same board and you end up paying $5 a month for the subscription.

And if you have 3 or 4 friends, you can opt for the $11.99 package.

It allows you to run 4 screens at a time and considering that you are 4 friends who purchase it in sharing, you only have to pay $3 for a whole month.

So, you and your friends can watch the best comedy and thriller Netflix movies and pay just a couple of dollars each month.

Do note that you need an internet connection to watch stuff on Netflix. So, when making the calculations, you should take it into consideration as well.

It depends on the ISP of everyone and his package that how much he or she might have to pay for it.

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What type of content is available on Netflix?

Netflix may not provide you the regular cable TV shows and stuff but it does produce some original content exclusive for its subscribers.

Some of them are popular over the globe and many seasons have been aired over the streaming service that belongs to them.

Check out the best Netflix movies 2018 to see what content you can expect at the streaming site.

The best drama movies and series on Netflix include the DareDevil, Orange is The New Black, Luke Cage (Marvel’s), and the House of Cards to name a few.

They also have a long list of exclusively produced documentaries. Some of the content available under this category as the best Netflix documentaries includes the Chef’s Table, E-team, Mission Blue, and Making A Murderer.

The streaming service pays special attention to anime lovers and they started making these series in 2016. Till now, some worth mentioning anime films on Netflix are The Seven Deadly Sins, Magi: The Adventures of Sinbad, and Glitter Force.

There is hardly a person on Netflix that haven’t watched comedy movies on Netflix or is yet to see any good season. Some productions from the streaming service that are popular across the globe are Bojack Horseman, Fuller House, and Master of None.

Parental control option is also available to the users of Netflix and they have made some content for kids too.

Their list of kids’ series usually come with the collaboration of Dreamworks and has Care Bears and Cousins, Inspector Gadget, and the heart favorite Richie Rich.

Netflix is doing everything possible to gain as many subscribers as possible. In the attempt, they started making Netflix original films since late 2015 and have also worked to obtain the rights to popular movies that come to theatres.

So, they end up purchasing the rights and listing some of the best and award winning movies on Netflix that were produced by a third party and also did work at their end to create the originals including The True Memoirs of an International Assassin, Beasts of No Nation, and War Machine.

And if you are a fan of standup comedy, don’t go anywhere.

best netflix orignals

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Netflix has a huge database of comedy drama movies as well as the standup comedy shows. Chelsea Handles: Uganda Be Kidding Me, Chris Tucker Live, and Aziz Ansari: Live at Madison Square Garden are some of the programs that you will find under this list.

In short, no matter with genre you like, Netflix is likely to have some content for you. These include the third party productions as well as the Netflix originals.

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Chance to Win = 1 Year of Netflix

Step by step guide on how to watch best Netflix movies 2018?

If you are interested in watching the best latest Netflix movies, here is how to do it.

Go to and sign up for their service. Click the ‘join free for a month’ to begin your journey.

Choose the desired plan that you might follow after one month’s free trial and click continue.

There, you are required to enter email and password that you will use for your Netflix account. C

lick on register, and a payment method selection screen will pop up. Enter your payment details. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged for the first month.

Once your registration is successful, open Netflix on a browser which supports high quality and fast streaming.

If you have a smartphone, tablet, or TV, you can download the Netflix app from play store (comes built-in in various TVs). Click ‘sign in’ and enter the details.

Upon signing in, click on your profile. If many people will use it, create different profiles for each.

Once you select your profile, a list of movies and TV shows will be displayed in front of you.

Search over the internet for best Netflix movies 2018 to see which films you should watch at the start.

best originals Netflix series

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Is Netflix really worth your money?

Well, I use Netflix myself and whatever I am going to list below is an honest opinion from a user’s point of view.

Sign up for Netflix and you will end up with a list of popular shows to watch.

There are seasons like Friends, 13 Reasons Why, House of Cards, and Narcos just to name a few.

Moreover, the award winning movies are there as well. Wolf of Wall Street, Jason Bourne series, Mission Impossible series, Jack Ryan series, The Accountant, 13 Hours, Upin the Air, Bad Neighbors, Body of Lies, and Django are to name a few.

What else? Well, for me the best thing was the availability of documentaries and educational content.

Turn to the Explained or start watching Minimalism, On Yoga, or even InnSaei.

If you are inclined towards business and productivity, shows like Genius, My Next Guest, and Tony Robbins: I am not your Guru are there for you.

For you, it can be the best Netflix movies 2018 that may make you sign up for the service. However, I subscribed because of the convenience that it brings.

Firstly, the streaming network is very easy to use and even the kids can browse stuff over it. Moreover, I can come up there any time that I like and watch the movies or seasons as I desire unlike cable TV where you have to be there, glued to your TV sets on a particular time, to assure that you don’t miss the episode of your favorite thriller.

Apart from that, there are no commercials. The database of content is increasing with each passing day. It allows you to download videos and save them offline to watch later.

Different membership plans are there to benefit from and overall the experience is fantastic.

However, there can be one problem. You need to have quality internet connection to assure that the streaming is steady.

Else, you won’t be able to watch your favorite romantic dramas and action movies on Netflix.

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